Friday, July 30, 2010

Have A Seat !!! Pt.2

"Claudia" Frame Chair

Stylish chair offers regal seating. USA/imported.

•Hand-carved beechwood frame.

•Cotton/rayon blend accent pillow is included.

•29"W x 30"D x 41"T. Seat height, 19"T. Arm height, 26"T.
Price: $2,059.00
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Purple Medallion Chair

Inviting accent chair is covered in an eye-pleasing shade of purple rayon and polyester velvet. Back is covered in an exotic cut-velvet medallion. Legs are maple with a black finish; chair has an alder wood frame. 30"W x 29"D x 34"T. Made in the USA.


Olivia" Chair

A sophisticated shade of lavender sets this chair apart from the rest, while a leafy floral pattern on its two pillows provides extra interest. Beechwood frame is imported from Italy; chair fabric is silk; pillows are cotton/polyester blend. 32"W x 38.5"D x 38"T. USA made

Price: $2,145.00

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Design Time......Ladies ....

We love the modern, glass table in this room - it takes it from purely traditional to modern period.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Stay A Step Ahead Of The Rest.....

N.Y.L.A. Women's Leontine Boot

Suede upper

Manmade sole
measurements: Shaft height measures approximately 22" from arch

Boot opening measures approximately 15 1/2" around

Heel measures approximately 1/4"
country of origin: China
item number: B002DQBY0E

NYLA is a club-inspired, trend-forward Junior Shoe Brand with the goal to provide the fastest fashion and look at a great price. They are not just a shoe company, but a lifestyle. Join them in their mission to conquer the world, one pair of feet at a time
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BCBGeneration Women's Model Ankle Boot

You'll feel like a Model when you step into this bootie from BCBGeneration. Crafted from rich suede, the look features an extra wide shaft for a runway-ready silhouette, while studs of varying shapes and sizes deliver a dose of fun shine.
materials: Suede upper

Rubber sole

measurements: Shaft height measures approximately 4" from arch

Boot opening measures approximately 12" around

Heel measures approximately 4 1/4"

Platform measures approximately 1/2"
country of origin: China
item number: B0029NYW6Y
BCBGeneration delivers a unique blend of uncompromising fashion. Now you can have glorious style without skimping on all-day comfort, and with a variety of different looks, you're bound to find just the right complement to any outfit. Versatile enough for casual and dress, BCBGeneration provides the unlikely combination of maturity and playfulness in every style
Buy Here:,B000S61XD4,B002A9EP0A,B002AVV6PK,B0023NVNTY,B001YQFNS8,B002BWOYIY,B001OTYRS2,B001UHMUQY,B002AQSHG6,B002GJMFCO,B002NPCOMW,B001XURRDE,B001VNBWIO,B002YD906G,B002DUDR4Q,B0026RHQIE,B0026MSDGS,B002DYKCE0,B002CGSFQ6,B002CGSFYI,B002DUCZE4,B0028K27DS,B0026MSHBO,B001XURZS6,B002TX68I4,B002BNLGJS,B002BNLKXU,B0018CK9FU,B002GJUA3A,B002GJU4E0,B002FU68F4,B002FU6A9S,B002FU6AKC,B002FU6AXY,B002FU6E9Y,B002FU6GCY,B002FU6KPM,B002FU6KWA,B001W0YGMK,B002C75J78,B0029NYW28,B003A4H5CO,B002DUDY76,B002DYJISG,B002CGSGKG,B002CGSHY6,B002AVVEFM,B003TEOINE,B002BB2ILK,B00266Q6I6,B002BNLC1A,B002BNL95E,B003819UQS,B00381B0V6,B0021L9EWG,B0026P3QO4,B0026MSAFM,B0026MSFTI,B001VNBT4Q,B00352KGUO,B00352KH0S,B001814SBW,B001814SEO,B001VNBJF0,B003U9WA2E,B002MUAICG,B00266PA7O,B002BSHE44,B00266PAIS,B0019ZQV5I,B0037KMK9O,B0036DF53A,B002UNMXY6,B00213JMHG,B003HKRR2O,B0018I4HF2,B002ASADUC,B002IVVCCY,B002IVVA4E,B0027A7XZG,B003BY3GJ4,B0028Y5HEA,B0025KVC64,B00243G50U,B001SASKX0,B001SASL1Q,B002WN2PSI,B0037W4YJG,B002R0E2KA,B002R0E2XW,B0027J5XZY,B002I042MM,B003JLT468,B001U89EXU,B001W02CDA,B001W03II8,B001W031JO,B0023B1WXS,B00282VIKO&asinTitle=BCBGeneration%20Model%20Ankle%20Boot&contextTitle=search%20results&page=3&size=100&node=241745011&nodes=241745011&keywords=purple%20boots&sort=relevancerank

Miz Mooz Women's Studd Boot

Take charge of your look in Miz Mooz's Studd boot whose biker-inspired, runway-approved profile is a cool weather must-have. Feminine and edgy, this supple suede boot features an ultra-versatile low calf height, perfect for wearing over denim or with a tunic and leggings, moto-inspired studs for street-smart polish, and an irresistible slouchy profile. An instep zip will have you dressed and looking your best in heartbeat.
materials: Suede upper
Rubber sole
measurements: Shaft height measures approximately 10" from arch
Boot opening measures approximately 12 1/2" around
Heel measures approximately 3 1/4"
country of origin: China
item number: B002GI8VK0
Edgy. Eclectic. Fashionable. Comfortable. Conceived out of SoHo NY, Miz Mooz footwear has left these impressions amongst all of its customers. To distinguish itself from the crowd, Miz Mooz is constantly challenging itself to create the most unique and innovative styles. A team of European designers seeks out only the highest quality imported leathers, while incorporating design elements aimed at achieving the utmost comfort throughout the collection. So when choosing your next pair of shoes, make a statement with Miz Mooz


Buy Here:,B002BNM0T8,B002DYJ3UY,B0026FD37E,B002B2GQR6,B0023W6B8I,B001W02AM8,B001W02AVY,B001S2QFOE,B002P66GBE,B002DMJK1S,B002KQ6C8Q,B0036DF5AI,B003HKRR0G,B002EAZB30,B002DUDT12,B001AB7S4O,B0018N8O10,B0019WQ7SM,B0020HREW8,B0035FYPNA,B0028ZZMAS,B001874TV0,B00260H0XC,B002L39J24,B002CGSIGS,B000J4JMGA,B0035E89JM,B002KMH0FO,B002JQTVZ8,B002EZYR7G,B00272LTRM,B0025KVQG0,B002HHM5HU,B002Q8HXEU,B003DIER46,B002AQRYVU,B0025VJTG8,B000J4JMII,B002DEL1PO,B002DELPUA,B002DELOF6,B002DELPO6,B0028MGNY0,B001HUTCU6,B002CGSGSS,B002CGSGO2,B002CGSIRM,B002CGSGGK,B002CGSGAQ,B002DYK29K,B002BNLVFC,B002BNLYS6,B002BB9A5C,B002DUDUSO,B0027IR26S,B0018ZMZNQ,B00260H35W,B002OHEIYG,B0026FD3O2,B002VJK74M,B002VJK788,B003DZ1NU0,B002YMSY0U,B002PJ59OG,B002EC2DZC,B0025KVVRE,B0025KVWG4,B0026FD23E,B0025KVT9Y,B0025KVT5S,B002EAZ62Q,B002EAZA4K,B002CO3VBM,B002CO3TBY,B002CO3UCW,B002CO48H8,B002EA2PCU,B0023B2ZE8,B0029XFRDG,B003HKRQUC,B002L16WJ4,B00266ORP0,B00266ORD2,B002G9A22Y,B002EDB960,B002IUC120,B002GI8V8M,B0020HRFD6,B002VWKKDM,B002VWKK6O,B002DQBXEQ,B001SASL6G,B002ECFCAU,B002DPVF7C,B00375L5EK,B002J9GGTY,B00200KU8U,B00200L52A,B002GKB25Y&asinTitle=Miz%20Mooz%20Studd%20Boot&contextTitle=search%20results&page=1&size=100&node=241745011&nodes=241745011&keywords=purple%20boots&sort=relevancerank

Circa Joan & David Women's Pretty Boot

The aptly named Pretty boot from Circa Joan & David offers a highly stylish step. The soft suede upper is accented with a demure bow, while the zipper makes it easy to don.
materials: Suede upper

Manmade sole

measurements: Shaft height measures approximately 13" from arch

Boot opening measures approximately 14" around

Heel measures approximately 4"

Platform measures approximately 1/2"
country of origin: China
item number: B002DUDVBK
The Joan & David brand emerged in 1968 and went on to become an internationally known name in women's footwear. Joan & David blends classic sophistication with a fresh, stylish attitude, employing high-quality materials and craftsmanship for lasting quality


Buy Here:,B002BNM0T8,B002DYJ3UY,B0026FD37E,B002B2GQR6,B0023W6B8I,B001W02AM8,B001W02AVY,B001S2QFOE,B002P66GBE,B002DMJK1S,B002KQ6C8Q,B0036DF5AI,B003HKRR0G,B002EAZB30,B002DUDT12,B001AB7S4O,B0018N8O10,B0019WQ7SM,B0020HREW8,B0035FYPNA,B0028ZZMAS,B001874TV0,B00260H0XC,B002L39J24,B002CGSIGS,B000J4JMGA,B0035E89JM,B002KMH0FO,B002JQTVZ8,B002EZYR7G,B00272LTRM,B0025KVQG0,B002HHM5HU,B002Q8HXEU,B003DIER46,B002AQRYVU,B0025VJTG8,B000J4JMII,B002DEL1PO,B002DELPUA,B002DELOF6,B002DELPO6,B0028MGNY0,B001HUTCU6,B002CGSGSS,B002CGSGO2,B002CGSIRM,B002CGSGGK,B002CGSGAQ,B002DYK29K,B002BNLVFC,B002BNLYS6,B002BB9A5C,B002DUDUSO,B0027IR26S,B0018ZMZNQ,B00260H35W,B002OHEIYG,B0026FD3O2,B002VJK74M,B002VJK788,B003DZ1NU0,B002YMSY0U,B002PJ59OG,B002EC2DZC,B0025KVVRE,B0025KVWG4,B0026FD23E,B0025KVT9Y,B0025KVT5S,B002EAZ62Q,B002EAZA4K,B002CO3VBM,B002CO3TBY,B002CO3UCW,B002CO48H8,B002EA2PCU,B0023B2ZE8,B0029XFRDG,B003HKRQUC,B002L16WJ4,B00266ORP0,B00266ORD2,B002G9A22Y,B002EDB960,B002IUC120,B002GI8V8M,B0020HRFD6,B002VWKKDM,B002VWKK6O,B002DQBXEQ,B001SASL6G,B002ECFCAU,B002DPVF7C,B00375L5EK,B002J9GGTY,B00200KU8U,B00200L52A,B002GKB25Y&asinTitle=Circa%20Joan%20%26%20David%20Pretty%20Boot&contextTitle=search%20results&page=1&size=100&node=241745011&nodes=241745011&keywords=purple%20boots&sort=relevancerank

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sundays Best!!!!!!!

Jones New York Dress, Sleeveless with Full Floral Skirt

•Cotton; lining: polyester

•Dry clean


•Surplice neckline with notched collar

•Sleeveless; bra-friendly straps

•Wide banded empire waist with self-tie sash and hook-and-eye closure

•Pleated full skirt with large floral placed print

•Hidden side zip closure

•Approximate length from center back neckline:47 inches
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Shoshanna Stretch Cotton Shirt Dress

This modern-day silhouette reveres the feminine form. From Shoshanna with ruffled bodice, set-in waistband and inverted pleat skirt. Match it with black peep-toes for daytime chic.

•Tie waist sash, skirt pleated at waist

•Side slit pockets, invisible side zip

•Cotton/spandex. Dry clean. Imported

•Please refer to our Contemporary size chart

•Web ID: 478670
Price:Orig $319.00

Sale $191.40
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Violet Gloaming Dress

An intense sunset splashes purple and pink light across a silken landscape and tiered ruffle sleeves. By Moulinette Soeurs.

•Side pockets

•Side zip

•Silk; acetate lining

•Dry clean



style #18823559

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Done in a rich, plum ombre with beautiful embellished sleeves, our Pearson Blouse is artistic and feminine. Dress it down with our Leslie Short or wear it over black skinny jeans for a bohemian rock look.

Boat neck. Blouson sleeves.
100% Silk.
Dry clean only


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Design Time......Ladies ....Help Modest Rooms Seem Grander

A panel of patterned wallpaper instantly suggests grandeur, so you can make a modest room feel a little loftier.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cocktail Time!....Drinks by Color.... Enjoy Ladies ..... Happy Friday!!

Purple Passion #2 recipe:



serve in

Collins Glass


Scale ingredients to servings

3 oz Hpnotiq® liqueur

3 oz Alize® Red Passion liqueur

3 oz Remy® Red cognac

Pour all ingredients over ice in a collins glass. Adjust amounts if needed until drink is a purple color, and serve.

Modern Leather Sofa Set

Modern Leather Sofa Set

Furniture Wide Depth Height

Left-piece measurements 79'' 31'' 30''

Right-piece measurements 79'' 31'' 30''

Price:$ 1898 Half Leather - 1Left+1Right

$ 3115 Full Leather - 1Left+1Right
This set can be upholstered in aniline dyed top grain Italian leather, the best leather on the market, or any one of our high quality fabrics or microfibers.
Its frame is made from hardwood that is kiln-dried to a very low moisture content to ensure superior strength.
The foam cushions are poly-wrapped to prevent deterioration of both the upholstery and the cushions themselves. A Memory foam upgrade is available upon request.
All Metal is polished stainless steel as opposed to chrome which tends to crack and chip over time.
Side and back paneling on this set prevents punctures and tears in the upholstery.
This set can be customized to any dimensions or specifications you desire.

Sofa (Left) - W79" x D31" x H30"

Sofa (Right) - W79" x D31" x H30"

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